Friday, March 4, 2011

Sleep Training Part 2

updated by mommy on my 11 mths 2 weeks and 5 days old

Bravo to my princess Isabel... She has been sleeping on her own in her own room for 10 nights and 10 days without any patting, carrying, swinging or dancing. Mommy is so proud of you, Isabel.

The results started showing around Day 5. On Day 6 onwards, she has shown great improvement. She didn't fuss so much and so long and at times she didn't sleep with pacifier too (during the night after a night feed). She didn't cried so much nowadays after I put her down in her playpen. Of course she cried a bit at certain times but usually after I left the room, she stopped crying. She will then toss around and fall asleep on her own not long after that. If I fed her before she sleeps, she will not cry when I place her down in the playpen. Now, making her sleep is a breeze.

Her night time sleep has improved tremendously. She has stopped waking up every hour. She will usually sleep around 9.30pm. At times she will wake up and make noise around 1am. If she did not has her milk feed before sleeping, I'll feed her milk at this time and she will sleep till around 5 or 6 am and make some noise. If she has her milk feed, I'll ignore her and she will fall back to sleep on her own. Same as the 5-6am round. If she has a milk feed at 1am, I'll ignore her and she will sleep till morning. Or else, I'll feed her and she will sleep till morning. Sometimes, she will make noise around 7-8am and I'll usually ignore her and let her fall back to sleep. Her morning wake up time will be 9.30am.

Nap time as usual. Morning nap around 11.45pm and nap for about 1 to 1.5 hr. Afternoon nap around 4.15pm and also around 1 to 1.5hr. Am glad that she has a total of around 14hrs sleep in a day.

She has back to her cheerful self too. I definitely love her more and feel that she is no longer the "naughty" baby we called her the last time. This sleeping arrangement has done so much good to everybody at home, especially the mommy here. Now, I have better sleep and not worried if hubby needs to go outstation as I can still sleep with Darren without worrying about Isabel.

We have bought a baby monitor that comes with camera to monitor her in her room. This makes us feel more relief while leaving her alone in the room.

17.2.11 Before we started sleep training, I left her crying in the playpen one of the nights in the room and she cried for 5 hours and ended up sleeping like this. The next day, she cried for 4 hours and ended up sleeping "kneeling down" position. I am glad she did not sleep like that when we started the sleep training and now she is sleeping tummy down most of the time. She was such a difficult baby during that time.

The wireless baby monitor that comes with camera. IMON digital baby monitor that costs us RM899.

I hope she will continue improving her sleeping habits and able to sleep through one night without night time waking and feeding at all.

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Mk mummy said...

Congrats!!! Bravo baby Isabel.