Friday, March 18, 2011

My 1 year old birthday party..

Daddy and mommy decided to celebrate my BIG birthday one day earlier. They had so many plans before they finally decided to do it at home on Saturday night. Daddy didn't want to do any work, just want to enjoy the party. So, he suggested to do it outside like having hi-tea or rent a cafe for the party. On the other hand, mommy felt that it is more suitable to do it at home because my waking hours is around 3-4 hours, hence I would get cranky if I am out too long. If do it at home, as long I am sleepy, mommy can just put me in the room and sleep and the party can still go on. Secondly, I am also more familiar with the home environment. Finally, mommy won and all agreed to do it at home.

We only planned to invite close family members and friends. So, the head count is just around 30 adults and 10 kids. Grandma said that we can just do our own cooking since it is just a small crowd. The menu includes chicken rendang, prawn sambal, fried meehon, stew pork & toufo, mixed vegetables, pie tee, fried fish/chicken nuggets, sausages, fried crab meat, drummets, satay, red eggs, 4 types of nyonya kiuh and fruits. Grandma in charge of the kitchen and mommy in charge of the decorations.

On the day of my birthday, I was behaving well like normal. Mommy was so afraid that my routine will get disturbed like kor kor's first birthday. I took my 2 naps as usual around 11.30am and 4.30pm. At 6pm, I was all ready to welcome my guest. But everyone was still so busy preparing things and mommy has no time to change me yet until the first guest - Aunty SL and family arrived at 6.30pm.

Mommy then hurried to change me and brought out the remaining food to serve the guest. I was dressed like a princess...well..I am a princess wat..mommy then put on a headband for me. I dare not move my head initially, then mommy put on socks and shoes for me. I dare not move my whole body..then..suddenly I was too scared and started crying. I really don't know what are those things, I never wear them before. But very fast mommy distracted my attention and I've forgotten about them in minutes.

I was behaving well the whole night except when the guests tried to carry/touch me, I'll straight away cried out loud. I was frighten by the strangers that came to my house. I just wanted mommy to carry me. I was so stressed out by all the unfamiliar faces.

I got sleepy around 9pm. Aunty May and her family came quite late. After they arrived, mommy immediately asked to cut cake first because I wanted to sleep. So we have out cake cutting sessions around 9.30pm. After the cake cutting ceremony, I bid goodnight to everyone and mommy brought me up to sleep.

The party lasted till 11.30pm and mommy helped up with the clearning and cleaning. She mopped the floor too and finally settled everything at around 1.30am. She was already dead tired.

I only opened my presents the next day and I received a lot of dresses.

Thank you mommy and gramdma for contributing so much for my birthday...I love you!!

Here are some photos for your viewing..

Party packs, party decorations and the yummy food...

My birthday portrait.. Do I look like a princess?

My beloved kor kor and me and my sleepy me...

My birthday cake...Chocolate Moist bumble bee from Secret Recipe..

Opening presents the next day...

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