Saturday, May 14, 2011

Happy 14 months old

This little girl of mine is no longer a baby anymore. She has definitely grown up so much. Since we came back from Melaka, somehow she has turned into a little cili pidi - fierce and angry little girl. She knows how to scold us by making some loud angry sound and showing her angry face (frowning look). I can't remember her kor kor showed any sign of this at all at this age. She can really fight. Since her grip is very strong, when she is holding on to something, you can't get it out from her hand. If you take it away by force, she will cry out loud. She knows how to use "cry" as a weapon nowadays. When she couldn't get what she wanted, she will cry too. When kor kor bullied her or even she bullied kor kor and I came into the picture, she will use "cry" to make herself like a victim. A drama queen.

She loves her kor kor the most. She follows what the kor kor does. When kor kor laughs or does funny things, it will definitely make her giggle or laugh out loud. The first thing she sees her kor kor is to hug him. She will hug the kor kor from time to time, same as the kor kor too. Very loving for both of them. When she wakes up middle of the night and requested to go out of the room, what I need to do is to just bring her into my room and show her kor kor is sleeping and everyone is asleep, she will then keep quiet. And when I bring her back to her room, she will go back to sleep obediently. Guess she must be looking for kor kor to play with.

But, she also fight with the kor kor, mostly toys. Since kor kor loves playing cars and blocks, she will sure want a share too. She loves cars too, maybe influenced by kor kor. She loves to push 2 cars in a crawling position, if not, push it along the tv cabinet. Kor kor always complains that the mei mei is disturbing her cars. I always advise the kor kor to share. Now kor kor also smart already, he knows how to take another car and purposely play in front of her and pass it to her, to exchange for his car back. Smart kor kor.

Isabel is a very expressive girl too..just like kor kor. She shows all her anger, happiness, curiosity, sadness on her face.

Lately Isabel is not eating too well. She rejected her porridge about a month ago and has not been on porridge for few weeks. She will just shake and shake her head and the porridge has no chance to enter her mouth at all despite all the distraction on tv and toys given her to play. She is a bread baby though. She just loves bread and only eat bread and bread. I tried mashed some pumpkin and applied on the bread and she didn't seems to like it. She prefers only plain bread. That's the reason I am trying to make some home baked carrot, vegetable bread for her. I have no idea what to feed her anymore. On some days, she is just on full milk. Very obvious she has lost some weight due to her poor eating habits. Even milk, she is now only taking about 5 ozs every 3-4 hrly, average about 3 times (with solids) or 5 times (without solids) in a day.

Sleeping wise...some days are good, some days are harder. She has weanned her night feeding off. Last feed around 9.30pm before sleeping time and first feed will be around 7am ++. If she gets overly tired, she will have problem sleeping. If she is being put on bed in time, she will sleep very well. She can only sleep on her own now...So, I dare not bring her travelling at this age as she will have problem sleeping when not at home. A big headache. Lately, when she is awake middle of the night or not able to sleep at night, she will requested to go out of her room. But when I bring her down to show her the dark and quiet living room and bring her to our bedroom to see Darren and daddy sleeping soundly, she will then requested to be back to her room and she will sleep willingly from then. Guess she must be looking for kor kor to play with her. A very playful baby.

She appreciates toys more than Darren. She loves cars, dolls (hug) and balls (something round). She also loves to play shape sorter and puzzles. She loves dancing and shaking her body and head. Whenever she hears music, she will start dancing.

She baby talks a lot. She imitates us on some words and at times she will surprise us with some new words like "Who's that" when listening to the phone. She can say apple very well too but when asked to, she will not say it out. She will only say when she fees like it. Her voice is just so sweet and I am waiting for her to really speak properly.

Overall, besides her eating problem this month, overall she is not too difficult. If everything falls within her routine, she is just fine. I just hope she will eat better as I am really running out of idea what to cook for her.

Happy 14 months old, my little princess!!

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Such a sweet little princess..