Friday, May 6, 2011

My 2nd Melaka trip

Daddy brought us back to Melaka last weekend to celebrate grandma's birthday. We left on Saturday evening and I slept through half of the journey. I made quite a bit of noise on the 2nd half of the journey because we were stuck in the jam. The total journey took us 3 hours. I was getting impatient in the car seat and requested to be out.

After I reached grandma's house, I was aware of the new surrounding and never let anyone touched me. Mommy was carrying me and I even refused to be put down. I was scared and need some time to adjust. It took me some time to get adjusted to the new environment.

Sleeping time was the worse. I only wanted mommy to carry me to sleep. I refused to sleep on the mattress. Though I slept quite easily in mommy's arm, but the minute mommy tried to put me down, i woke up and started screaming. Even throughout the night, the minute I opened my eyes and found out i am on the mattress, I would start crying and demanded to be carried. Daddy and mommy basically have no good sleep throughout the 2 nights there. The second night also the same. I was scared...I just not comfortable sleeping in people's bed. I don't like it at all. I only want to sleep on mommy's arm.

After this trip, daddy and mommy said they cannot bring me outstation the next time. They said I'd better stay at home till I am 2 years old...oh no...well,I think I am happier at home too.

Oh yea...I was having so much fun playing chase and catch with kor kor in grandma's house on the 2nd night. There were so much space to crawl and walk. We just played until so wild that daddy has to carried me away. He was so afraid that kor kor would step on me. Fun fun...I just love playing with kor kor.... are some pictures of me in Melaka. We took this in Melaka beach. Sunday morning, daddy brought us to the beach. Kor kor flew kite and played sand castle while mommy let me played with sand too. But I don't really like the texture. Once I touched it, I requested to be cleaned. We sat at the mat and played with some kor kor container. Later I was sleepy and fell asleep in daddy's arm. It was so comfortable...Look at me in the picture, you can see how contented I was in daddy's chest...(look at my ugly hair style in the picture)

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