Thursday, May 5, 2011

First to call Kor kor...and other words that I utter...

I love my kor kor and yes, the first one that I started calling was "kor kor", not daddy or mommy. Though I can pronounce mama and baba but I am not directing to them. I call mama when I feel like it and the "baba" that I utter everyday means "baby". When I see a baby picture, I'll utter "babe" (sound like baba). Now, I started calling "cheh cheh" too.

Besides kor kor, babe, mama, cheh cheh, I also know

- car (whenever I see the cars on the floor, I'll say "ouuuu..kor kor car car".
- apple (learn this from Ants on the apple book. Whenever I flip the first page of the book and I will utter the phonic sound of "A" and later said with apple."
- nana ( favourite fruits besides apple. Mommy loves to hear me saying, "mama, nana. Mama, nana." I am asking banana from mama.
- kai kai (going out)
- bye bye
- bau bau (sound like baba sometimes)
- cute (sound like chiuk)
- pretty (sound like peutty)

Besides the above, I also baby talk a lot by creating my own words...I talked a lot and I like to make long long "ouuuiii" sound.

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