Thursday, May 5, 2011

I am very fierce...

After I came back from Melaka last weekend, I started to be very fierce. When I don't like certain things, I'll shout very loud and show my angry and frowing face. Eg..

1. Whenever I am trying to walk on my own, there is always a pair of hand trying to hold me and I hate it. I will make loud noice and push the hand away, with a frowning and angry face.

2. I also don't like when my favourite food (bread, banana, apple) are served too slow. I will make very loud noise to get their attention to bring the food to my mouth.

3. I also don't like when anyone tried to snatch things away from me. I'll hold it real tight and fight and scream and showing my angry face at the same time. Once it was snatched away, I'll start crying out loud.

Nowadays i am very noisy because of my loud shouting and protesting sound. Very fierce everyone said. So, I am very fierce one..don't play play, ok? I'll scold you if you make me angry.....

Look at some of my angry, crying and annoying look...(was fighting with kor kor his car at that time)

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