Friday, September 9, 2011

Her progress with her glasses..

updated by mommy @ 1 year 5 months 3 weeks and 6 days old

It has been almost a month since Isabel collected her glasses. I am proud to say that my girl is accepting it quite well. It is better than what I have expected. I mean it is not easy to put something on a toddler's face all the time and I was expecting a lot of rejections from her. To my surprise, it took her around 2 days to accept her glasses and not rejecting it. She was wearing it for 1.5 hrs without taking it down for her 2nd attempt and slowly once increased to 3 hours on her face without removing it.

The first night was hard. It took me some effort to distract her at the notebook while watching her favoruite youtube and slowly I put it up for her. When she didn't pull it down and let it remain on her face, I was super happy. Slowly, she knows this thing didn't cause harm/pain on her and she slowly accepting it.

Taken on the 1st night.

Also, I guess it is due to the kor kor wearing glasses as well. She wanted to be like the kor kor. We also told her that she looks "pretty" with the glasses on her. During that first few weeks, she will say "pretty" whenever we put the glasses on her.

Now, she is ok when we put the glasses on for her but she will try to take it out herself on and off, sometimes due to heat or the glasses shifts place when she places her face on the pillow or sofa. Though with a band on it, she is able to take it out herself without assistant.

We are supposed to let her wear the glasses during her awake time but it is not easy. I can sense that sometimes she is not too comfortable when the glasses is on her nose for a prolong period and she will try to take it out. Once she took it out, I can see the glasses mark left on her nose brige. It hurts me whenever I see that. I will then let her rest for a while and enjoy her "original" look before I put it back for her again.

At times, she can be very cheeky. She will try to remove the glasses and I will make a "stern" voice to warn her not to take down her glasses and she will pull her glasses down a bit and look up at me (like those old people wearing glasses reading newspaper and lower their glasses when they watch tv) and she will smile sheepishly with me. Once I smile with her, she will pull her glasses out.

She also knows to adjust her glasses when the glasses shifted the position. She will try to align it back though I still need to help her with that. She will want to play with her glasses sometimes by swinging it around.

One problem with her glasses is - her ears are a bit high up and the legs of the glasses always "push" her ear down. If we lift the legs up above her ear, it will be too tight for her (my kids have big head, especially forehead) and the lenses basically "stick" to her eyes and face. To leave the legs exactly lie on top of the ear is the best position but it pushes her ears down after wearing for a while. is just so hard to get a pair of suitable glasses for my kids.

Overall, I can say that, she is consider very good in adapting to the new glasses. I am defintely very proud of her. Thank God, it didn't make the process hard for me as it is already heartbroken seeing them wearing glasses, if they reject it further, it will make the situation worse.

Look at her...she just like to wear glasses nowadays...even with this...