Monday, September 19, 2011

Sensory Box

Today mommy brought out the sensory box that she has prepared for me last week for kor kor and myself to play.

It was a cooling evening and kor kor has no bau bei. So, we played for a good 30mins on this until mommy stopped me coz it already past my bathing time. So, we stopped and kor kor helped me to keep everything. Thank you kor kor!!

I like playing with it..scoping it and trying to shake it left and right. I even tried to throw the stones outside but mommy scolded me and make sure I picked it up and put it back again. I also fight with kor kor some of the spoons and cups too. But kor kor is always very kind to give in to me.

Finally I decided to sit myself inside the box. I think this is more fun!!