Monday, September 26, 2011

Tantrums throwing..

@ 1 year 6 months 1 week and 6 days old

I started to show more of my tantrums since last week.

I will throw a tantrum when
..what I want was not given to me..
..kor kor trying to snatch my things.. (actually I snatched kor kor's things first, then he snatched it back)
..I want to go somewhere and was blocked or restricted by the adults..

How did I throw my tantrum/show my frustration?
..I will pull my hair..
..I hit the adult by patting on them very hard..
..I will scream VERY LOUD with my high pitch voice..
..I hit my hands on the floor..
..I swing and throw thing on the floor..

What happened after I throw my tantrum..
..sometimes my wish get granted..
..but sometimes I get scolding or even hitting on my hand (if I throw things or hit people)..
..sometimes no one take notice and eventually nothing happened after that..

So what happened after I get scolding or hitting
..when the adults mentioned the word "scold scold..", I'll cry first..not small cry but loud cry comes together with tears...
..when the adults hit my hands, I will cry buckets..and try to look for my saviour - kakak but mommy prohibit kakak from sayang bad la I have no one to turn to, eventually mommy will come and explain to me again and sayang me back. But hor, it is not easy to calm me down you know...I can cry and cry for a long long better don't start me on is not easy to stop me..

I find it very useful to throw tantrums or show my angry/frustrated emotions nowadays. Well, I can get the things that I want... But...

Mommy's point of view..
This girl started her terrible two syndrom too early. Need to discipline her now, or else, she will soon be the king in the house and bully everyone. She is more expressive with her emotions nowdays and even understand the adults better now. So, it is time for discipline.

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prince n princess mum said...

My girl started throwing tantrums few months back, too!~