Friday, September 2, 2011

Medrdeka and Raya holiday - First time beach experience and Kota Tinggi, Pahang.

@ 1 year 5 months 2 weeks and 6 days old

During the Raya and Merdeka holiday, daddy brought us to a few places.

30 August 2011 - KLIA, Bagan Lalang Beach.

So happened this day my grandparents were coming back from their Taiwan tour. Daddy decided to bring us all to the airport to welcome them home (though they already booked their van together with their friends back straight to Melaka). We gave them a big surprise when they saw us at the arrival hall at 2pm. I surprised everyone by allowing grandma and grandpa to carry me without much fuss.

The airport was quite quiet. I like walking around the empty space. I also like the balls hanging around a shop and insisted to hold the ball and walk on my own.

Then, daddy and mommy had their lunch at Burger King while I only had milk and biscuits for the whole day.

We left KLIA around 3.30pm and adjourned to Bagan Lalang beach. Along the way, mommy stopped by a store to buy some dragonfruits. They sell lots of dragonfruits along the roadside. Daddy took his sweet time to drive round coz kor kor and I were sleeping the car. We have lots of extra time to spare and mommy wanted us to sleep more.

Though this is not the first time I came to a beach (daddy brought me to the beach first time in Melaka but I was being carried most of the time), this is the first time I step my foot down on a sandy beach and played with sea water.

After setting up the mat on the beach, mommy let me down and applied sunscreen and insect repellent for me. I slowly explore the place and mommy gave me a hat to play with.

Kor kor and daddy were already down at the seaside and started playing with water and sands. So mommy carried me there to join them. Initially I refused to come down and only carried by daddy and mommy. Slowly, daddy let me down a bit and let me feel the sea water on my feet. I kind of like it..well I love water...then slowly I fell in love with the sea wave washing up on my feet. Later, mommy took over me and I started playing with the sea water and refused to come up.

Initially I was just half wet, then slowly I wanted to sit down and feel the water on me. Finally I was almost all wet. I was still wearing pampers. I really love the sea water. Later, I also slowly step my feet on the sand and walked with mommy holding my hands. Not long, I started walking on my own and even spotted a 100Plus tin can and wanted to kick and play with it.

I didn't really like sand play as I feel it is too dirty. After I touched the sand, I requested to wash away the sand from my hands. So, I ended up in the sea water again. I think the best thing is still the sea water.

When mommy carried me back to the beach side, I even let go of her hand and walked myself down back to the seaside. I just love the water. I splashed and splashed my legs on the sea water and ended up the water all splashed on to my face. I even tasted the sea water a few times.

Mommy has to basically carried me back to the beach and washed me up after some time. She was afraid I caught cold and also the sun was quite hot. Most important, she is worried I tasted too much seawater,which is not so clean for me.

We couldn't find any toilets around to wash up. Luckily we prepared some extra drinking water and mommy used that to wash me up. I was not very clean but at least washed away the sand from my body and I changed to a set of new clothes and pampers.

We then left the place around 6pm. Daddy then stopped us at a petro station for mommy and kakak to wash up. I then slept all the way back to KL. Daddy then brought us to Bumbo Bali, Puchong for dinner. I vomitted some biscuits out at the restaurant.

We reached home around 9pm. After washing me up and settled everything, daddy trying to make me sleep but I refused to be let down in the playpen. Daddy hold me for an hour and finally mommy came to rescue. Shet tried to feed me milk but after I sucked the milk, I throw out. It was the biscuits that I ate. Mommy started to worry about me. It took them a long time to make me sleep that night (about 2 hrs or so). Finally I slept and thank God, I was all heathy again the next day except developing a mild running nose. I must have infected by kor kor.

Overall, I had a happy time at the beach that day.

31 August 2011 - Bukit Tinggi, Pahang
The next morning, we went to Bukit Tinggi, Pahang together with Aunty May's family. We visited the Colmar Tropicale. We left the house quite late, around 11am and reached there around 1pm. Again, I slept through the journey there.

The place were crowded with people and it was drizzling there too. Mommy was carrying me in the sling while holding on to an umbrella. Such a coincident that we met yi yi SY there too.

There is nothing much at the place and we thought of adjourned to Japanese tea house but Boh poh could not walked up the steep hill. So, we gave up the idea of going up. We then decided to leave the place as the place is really crowded with people.

Daddy then drove to Gohtong Jaya for an early dinner around 5pm. I was sleeping while there were having dinner. Though I was wide awake while on the way home, I did not make much noise. I was playing (bullying) kor kor most of the time in the car. We reached home quite early that day, around 7.30pm. After washing up, I still got some time to play.

Overall, I was behaving very well during this 2 days outings. I slept during most of the journey and did not make any fuss.

Mommy declared next 2 days as rest day as kor kor and myself still have not recovered from our runny nose. It was a fun filled holiday for us.

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