Monday, September 19, 2011

Taman Botani Shah Alam & Pusat Sains Malaysia

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Yes..we finally made it to this two places during our last long weekend. We were supposed to go during the Raya Merdeka holiday, together with May's family but both places didn't open during the long holiday.

Taman Botani Shah Alam was an impromptu trip. Everyone surprisingly woke up extra early on Friday morning (Malaysia Day) and the weather was perfectly fine for an outdoor trip. So, I thought of Taman Botani Shah Alam. Checked the website and they opened for that day. So, I suggested to hubby and he agreed to the plan.

We then packed everything and changed everyone. Had our "kai si hor fun" breakfast and we arrived there around 10am. The ticket for adult is RM3 and FOC for children below 6.

We forget to bring stroller, so we have to carry Isabel. We took quite a long walk from the car park to the entrance. Good thing is, inside the taman, they provide free shutter safari bus to transport us around the taman. It was quite a lot of people on that day. We waited 3 rounds before our turn. The safari bus has big open windows. It was a nice ride as it is very windy and you don't feel hot at all. Even Isabel enjoyed her ride in the safari bus.

We toured the whole places first and finally decided to land on the "taman permainan" and the "Four season house". Unfortunately the four season is closed for renovation at that moment. The playground was a bit pathetic but the surrounding was very serene and natural. There were mosquitos around too. Luckily I brought the mosquito repellent and I applied all over their body. Thank God they did not get any mosquitoes bites.

Darren and Isabel had a great time at the playground. Isabel enjoyed her slides and Darren enjoyed climbing around. We did some walking around there. It was quite tiring as I was carrying Isabel and the weather is getting hotter and hotter.

We then walked out to the bus station. Surprisingly the toilet there maintained quite well and it was just after cleaning when I walked in. We then had some ice-cream at the bus station while waiting for the bus. It was very windy sitting at the bus station.

It was about 12pm when we finally board the bus. We were supposed to go to the mini zoo but the weather is getting hotter. Hubby suggested we come again next day as we didn't want to expose the kids to such hot sun. So, we left the place around noon.

We then collected our family photo as the studio and had nasi kandar lunch at Kota Damansara. We reached home around 3pm. At night, we went out to SS14 for Bak Kut Teh dinner and bought some DVD for the weekends. I had a good time watching "Unlimited" with hubby at night after Isabel slept around 10pm.

Then came Saturday. It was a planned trip to Science Centre. All of us woke up late on that morning. We packed everything and finally left the house around 11pm. Had Dim Sum as brunch near Atria and proceeded to Science Centre. The admission (including the Dinausior exhibit) is RM8 for adults and RM5 for children above 4.

It was a great place as we explore almost everything, except the outdoor. Isabel loves the fishes swimming around and we can see her excitement from her expression and smiles. She even wanted to touch the fishes but extended her hand. She really enjoyed herself. As for Darren, he has fun discovering buttons and electronics stuffs. Hubby was with Darren most of the time and I was carrying Isabel. Even we adult had fun exploring the places.

When we entered into the play area, we saw 2 gigantic dinausaur in the center. Their head moves and we can hear the "roaring" sound too. So happened I placed Isabel onto her stroller and she got a shock when she looked up and saw the dinausaur head. She started crying.

Darren then had some play there while I tried to make Isabel sleep. Darren was scared at the Dinausaur exhibit but I kept encouraging him to go near and told him there are not real. Darren had a good time "peddle" the jet plane.

We left the indoor around 4pm and wanted to go to the outdoor. But before we reached to the wet water area, we heard thunders and the sky was getting gloomy. It was quite a long walk from the indoor to the wet area. We didn't want to take the chance, so we walked back and decided to leave. The place closed at 5pm anyway. So we will still be back again the next time.

We then proceeded to Subang Parade while Isabel had a good walk around MPH and read some books inside too. At 7pm, we left Subang Parade and went to Empire Shopping Mall for our dinner. We had some western food at the Jaya Grocer. Did some grocery shopping, we then left the shopping centre at 9pm.

Isabel was extremely tired by then and after we reached home, bathed everyone and the kids were all asleep by 10pm. I had my own time watching Final Destination 4 from my notebook. "holiday". I went for yoga in the morning, then met up with my bff in 1Utaman and had hi-tea at One World Hotel. We had a good time catching up with each other and I enjoyed the food too. We chatted from 12.30pm to 5.30pm...then I sent her home.

I reached home at 6.30pm and all the kids were still napping. I took a short nap, then went out for dinner. We had KFC for dinner but I just munched a bit here and there as I was still very full. It was a tiring day for me.

Overall, it was a fruitful weekend for me. I just enjoyed the weekend very much. How about you?

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