Thursday, January 5, 2012

New year new routine??

Well, I am turning 22 months old this month and it means I need less sleep and more play time. But mommy still prefer me to take 2 naps a day, with in between 3-4 hour wake time. Because I am growing older and with the 2 naps a day, I am sleeping later and later - around 10 to 11pm nowadays. It was ok during the school holiday because everyone was allowed to sleep late and wake up late but with the school reopen, kor kor has to sleep early.

Hence, mommy thought maybe it is time for me to switch to 1 nap a day, so that I can sleep early at night too. It sounds good, but come to this new routine, there are many adjustment needed to be made for mommy and kakak at home.

Usually if I take 2 naps a day, my latest routine is like:

8.00am - 9.00am Wake up time
12.00pm - 2.00pm Nap time
5.30pm - 7.00pm Nap time
10.00pm - 11.00pm Bedtime

The 2 naps fall on kakak's cooking lunch and dinner time, then mommy has the time to fetch kor jor back from school and bau bei in the evening. If we switch to 1 nap a day, it means I will be napping at 2pm to 4pm - this is the most free time for kakak. Mommy and kor kor also will be at home at this time. Then, mommy and kakak will be having a hard time adjusting their cooking and "fetching" time to take care of me while the other busy with work. So, they need to adjust themselves to this new routine if I switch to 1 nap.

Mommy is kind of reluctant to make this adjustment. It is not benefiting her but it will benefit kakak a lot as she has more free time to herself.

Anyway, somehow I still need to make this changes soon as I really need lesser sleep nowadays. It is a transition time whereby certain days I am still taking 2 naps a day and some days (when I wake up late, mommy no longer wake me up at 8am+ now), I will only take 1 nap a day. Everyone, including myself, is getting confused with this changes in my routine.

Hopefully I will adjust to my new routine soon...though mommy still wish I can take 2 naps a day but it is IMPOSSIBLE..I am turning 2 soon and I will soon be taking 1 nap a day..

Mommy, really need to make this adjustment..

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prince n princess mum said...

We're also adjusting to new routine now...