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Chinese New Year 2012

updated by mommy..

This is Isabel's 2nd year celebrating Chinese New Year. She is bigger now but also cheekier. Let's see how she "behaved" during this 1 week holiday in Melaka and Ipoh.

21 Jan (Sat)
We left KL to Melaka in the evening at 5pm and it was way past her nap time. I purposely delayed her nap time, so that she can sleep through the journey. Out of my expectation, she was crying in the car, complaining itchiness over her body (her allergy). Though I have given her medicine, it didn't seems to help. Darren has already asleep, so we asked my helper to carry her out from the car seat. She sort of fell asleep in her arm but Darren also leaning on her. It was kind of hard for her to manage 2 kids at the back. So half way through, hub suggested that I sit at the back, carrying Isabel while Darren can lean on my helper side to sleep. We put the car seat at the front seat and I sat at the back carrying Isabel and she slept through the 2nd half of the journey.

She woke up when we arrived and heard Darren calling grandpa. She looked outside and followed calling grandpa. To my surprise, she suddenly uttered "elephant" and I was surprised that she still can remember the wooden elephant in my in law's house. She really has good memory.

She was fine entering my in law's house and she wanted to greet the elephant. She wasn't too scared this time and more willing to touch and go near the elephant.

Everytime we bring her to some other places, she will said "elephant", asking us to bring her out to the hall again. She and the elephant....

At night, we served her rice with ABC soup but she didn't seems to want it. Well, we just feed her milk then.

Bedtime was the worse. She was totally making herself so comfortable till she refused to sleep at night. Though she played so much at night, we expected her to be tired. How wrong we were that she wonders in the room in darkness on her own. Even daddy and kor kor has already asleep, she was not sleepy. I was kinda frustrated and losing my patience.

The funny part is, she walked towards hubby who was snoring at that time, making a "silent" hand sigh (pointing index finger at the mouth) and said "shhhh" a few times. She asked the daddy to be quiet...hahaha..this is the problem of her sleeping alone and never see other people sleeping before. I guess she found it funny seeing people sleeping and not used to sleeping with us. Hence, she has problem falling asleep.

She also like to sleep on the cold floor. She will roll and roll until the hard floor and sleep there. I just let het be..

If I am not wrong, she slept at 3am+ that night...."shake head"..I fell asleep few times and woke up couldn't find her on the mattress. Really gave me a shock.

22 Jan (Sun) - CNY eve
ISabel woke up around 8am+ but I fed her the allergy medicine again. So, she fell asleep again until 11am+. In the afternoon, hub brought us to the Aeon Jusco, Melaka. Darren didn't want to follow and stayed back. She was having a good time walking around the shopping centre since we didn't bring stroller to Melaka.

We spotted a place outside Jusco just nice for Isabel to play inside. It was like and indoor playland for children. The entrance fee is only RM8 for unlimited time. We brought her there and she was having a good time running here and there, climbing up the inflatable slides and slide it down. She was very adventurous and daring. She even followed some of the older children, trying to walk down the slides. Luckily I was there in time to catch her...*heart attack*. She also like to play at the play house. She wanted to try almost everything..We spent about an hour there and finally convinced her to leave.

She fell asleep in the car when we turned out from Jusco and it was nice that we need to fetch an aunty back to my in law's house for reunion dinner. She slept through the 1.5 hr journey in the car.

After we reached home, she had a great time exploring grandpa's garden, swing, kor kor's bicycle, the new year lightings, etc....

This night is better. She slept around 11pm+ and didn't wonder around anymore. THank least I can rest earlier.

23 Jan (Mon) - 1st day of CNY
Isabel woke up around 10am+. Today we didn't do much thing except staying at home. Besides the elepahnt that she likes, she also want to sit on Darren's bicycle whenever she sees Darren riding on it. She was getting a bit restless at home. She then played with my sunglasses in the room.

At night, we brought her to an open house. There was a clown there entertaining kids and giving away sculptured balloon. Hub carried her and walked towards the clown and she suddenly frightened by the clown. She was crying non-stop and she was in total hysteria. I never thought the consequence can be that bad. Hub brought her to the car and she even refused to come out from the car. She was just too scared.

I was having a hard time calming her down. Slowly I brought her to the garden that has lesser crowd and sat at the swing. She sat there quietly. Suddenly, there were loud fireworks around and she was frighten again. Sigh....hubs and I were so stressed with her that night. We didn't really enjoy ourselves that night. We should just have left her at home with my grandparents...

That night, it was like the 1st night. She refused to sleep and wonder around. Hubs stopped her and caused her to cry non-stopped again until she felt tired and fell asleep around 1am+. THis girl...I am speechless..she is just so unpredicatable and hard to sleep..

24 Jan (Tues) - 2nd day of CNY
She woke up early in the morning but she fell asleep again. So,we slept until almost 12pm. Good as we intended to go back later in the late afternoon and she can sleep during the journey. She was getting very restless throughout the day. In the afternoon, while hubs was napping and mil chatting with me, I gave her some bowls and measuring cup, add in some water and let her play with it.

She played with it for a couple of hours. At least I have some peaceful moment, no need to chase her around. If not, she just love to play at the steps and jump from the steps. Really not easy taking care of her in Melaka. She just like the steps so much - walking up and down like an adult but she couldn't manage means, I have to be there everytime she step up or down the steps. Tirng..tiring...

We left KL around 6pm and went straight to May's house. She was in her good mood as she nappned in the car. She shaked hand with everyone and willing to call them. Again, she wanted to sit at the steps again and running among the crowd. It was stressful as she tends to run over someone's leg and tripped on the floor. I was just worried she will fall and hit herself on her head or lips.

Then I get her to sit down and watch tv. Suddenly she saw something on the tv and suddenly cried and demanded to be carried. She was scared again...It was not easy to calm her down once she claimed she is scared.

25 Jan (Wed) - 3rd day of CNY
She woke up around 8am++ but I put her down to sleep again until 10am+ because I needed to pack for Ipoh trip. We left KL around 12pm after lunch at Ipoh Old Town and she slept through the jpurney there again. Thank God..the traffic was smooth.

She was ok in my parent's house until she saw the "lion dance" figurine tissue box on the table. She claimed she was scared but it was much controllable. She played with Charlotte and imitated how she sits. It was funny. She behaved well in my parents place.

Towards the evening, we checked into Tower REgency hotel. I wanted her to nap after shower before we go for our dinner but she was too excited about the new place and refused to sleep. She was so active, walking around with the hotel slipper.

At night, we went for dinner at Sheraton restaurant. She was ok eating on her own on her high chair until my bil came and played with her. She suddenly burst into tears and finally fell asleep in my helper's arm until we left the restaurant.

At night, she refused to sleep again. We have to let her cry till she was tired. If I am not wrong, she slept around 1am++. She slept in between hub and I in the king size bed while Darren slept at the extra single bed we booked for him. We were having a hard time sleeping coz she was sleeping horizontally between us.

26 Jan (Thurs) - 4th day of CNY
Woke up around 9.30am and went to the hotel for buffet breakfast but it was lousy. So, i decided to go out and eat. While in the car, she requested for raisins and I gave her a bowl. She finished it and wanted more but I didn't want to give so much. SHe was crying in the car. She was already in her crying mood and she refused to stop even we have stepped into the coffee shop. She then wanted me to sing her ABC song NON-STOP. I didn't do it and she cried again..she cried throughput our meal there. Hubs has to feed me because I wasn't able to eat on my own. Until the lady who sat behind me said "siau mei mei, you already cried very long. What happened to you? You don't looked pretty anymore lor.." REally pai seh...I never encountered this kind of situation before with Darren. She was really too demanding.

So, we decided to cancel my plan going to my parent's place and detour back to the hotel and let her cry her heart out. I think she cried for almost 2 hour in total. I also cancelled my lunch appointment with my parents because of her. We then napped together until 3.30pm. Poor kor kor, he was forced to stay with us in the hotel throughout the morning and afternoon.

We then went for tea time, then proceeded to my parent's place in the evening. THis time she was not ok. She claimed that she was scared againa after seeing the "fok lok sau" figurine in the hall. She was crying and crying until hubs gave her pacifier and she fell asleep in my arm.

SHe was really not in her mood at all today. Hubs and I were getting too stress up by her. At night, again, she cried herself to sleep.

27 Jan (Fri) - 5th day of CNY

Today is better. SHe woke up fresh and since Darren was not with us, it was easier to take care of her. We checked out the hotel and joined my mother and brother's family for breakfast. She took a short nap at the coffeeshop.

Around 1pm, we left for my nanny's house. She was fine there and she loves playing with Goh Cheng Nam's brother, Cheng Fong. SHe was kind enough to share the ipad with him. She behaved extremely well at my nanny's place. Everyone said she was cute and pretty. Well, for the first time, I was proud of her. We spent a total of 3 hours + there and she was fine..thank GOd again...

Pictures taken with my 80 years old nanny (top left) and others...

We left Ipoh around 6pm and she and Darren were already very tired. They slept through the journey back.

However, that night, she woke up more than 10 times throughout the night, requesting me to carry her and only she will go back to sleep.

side note: I was so stressed up by her abnormal difficult behaviour that few days and requested my 2nd sister to go to temple and pray for her. Though I am not the supersticious type, I have no choice but to try it out. It was really testing for us to handle her tantrums. Hope she will get better soon.

28 Jan (Sat) & 29 Jan (Sun) - 6th & 7th day of CNY
We didn't go anywhere and decided to stay at home and rest. I wanted her to get back her routine and eat some proper food. SHe has not been taking proper meal for about a week and survived mainly on milk. She also took a lot of junk like biscuits and raisin and cranberries.

On Sat, I bought some yong sum soh and barley to boil for the family. She is starting to have some running nose as her nose is a bit runny.

On Sat night, she still wakes up very frequent (almost every hour). I hope she can settle back to her normal self soon.

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