Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Sliding on my own

@ 1 year 9 months & 4 weeks old

Yesterday marked the first time I climb up and slide down a tunnel slide on my own - with daddy and mommy keeping an eye on me. I can sensed both of them were anxious and worried.

I was very excited and happy and kept wanted to do it again. So I slide down the tunnel slide a few times. Mommy taught me to lie down flat and put my hand on my chest when sliding down but I tried to get up a few times half way sliding down. Later, I wanted to climb up and explore further but daddy didn't allow. He said it was hard for them to monitor me up there.

This evening, mommy was with me alone. Kor kor was playing with his friend. I wanted the slide again. Didn't I tell you before I love slides? This time mommy sat at the bottom and let me climb up on my own (better grip without long pants and shoes). I climb up and slide down myself..it was not too difficult and I think I can handle myself very well.

Later, I wanted to climb up there again and mommy get kor kor to help me. I went up first, then kor kor hold me, while mommy quickly climb up and catch hold of me. I then walked happily up there. It was tiring for mommy to take care of me in the playground nowadays.

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prince n princess mum said...

Must be very fun sliding on your own ya!~