Friday, January 20, 2012

Allergic to ?????

On Wednesday night, mommy was cleaning me up and changing me to pyjamas and discovered some red dots on my feet, sole and also palm. Initially she thought it was mosquito bites but it wasn't after some detail look at it.

She just monitored me through the night and the next morning, I woke up complaining itchy on my palm and feet. Later, she also slowly discovered that my body and back started to have some red dots..something like what I had developed after the Roseala virus. However, luckily that I have no fever and still extremely active.

She brought me see doctor yesterday and doctor said it is very likely to be allergic. Allergic to what??? The only 3 things mommy can think of were..

1. Fresh "Wai San" - fresh burdock in english. I was fed with the soup boiled with wai san, white reddish and carrot the night before. First time trying this.

2. Mommy brought me for a walk in my tricycle that evening itself and suddenly attacked by a swamp of mosquitos near the bushes area. I might get biten by some insects and it runs in my body and hence, causes this. I had about 5 BIG BITES on my legs and it swell like a 20 sens coin size.

3. During the walk, my legs/body could have accidently touches some leaves or something that caused the allergic.

So, mommy is refraining me from going out of the house at the moment in the evening. I am only allowed to play in the porch.

Now, I am on medication and the allergic didn't seems to subside. Though after I woke up from my sleep and the dots seems disappear, but after a while, it comes back. And now, the worse is my back. Look at it yourself...

Mommy feels so heartache seeing me so itchy and the patches on my back. She hope I can get well before Chinese NEw Year.

Look at the big mosquito bite I had.

Updated at night
My allergy didn't seems improving and getting worse. My whole body, hands, arms and legs also get rashes. So, mommy decided to bring me to the doctor again.

The doctor has to prescribe "steroid" for my condition, together with antihistamine for 2 days. If condition improved after 2 days of steroid, I still need to continue the antihistamine for another day until it has fully recovered. Or else, I need to see the doctor again.

The steroid pill is very very bitter. Doctor advised mommy to mix it with something and let me eat after a meal.

Clever daddy mixed it with ice-cream for me. Initially I tasted a bit bitter but later daddy kept feeding me ice-cream, then the bitter taste has gone away. Yeah...1 dose done. Mommy is worried for the next 3 doses. Moreover, I will develop cough after eating too much ice-cream.

Just hope this steroid will work on me soon....the itch is terrible. I am scratching myself till scratched mark everywhere with scars

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