Saturday, January 14, 2012

My first movie - Alvin and the Chipmunks 3

@ 1 year 10 months and 1 day old

Today daddy brought me to watch my first movie in the cinema at Pavilion KL.

Alvin and the Chipmunks 3

Mommy was half hearted but looking at the movie time would be my nap time, mommy was willing to give me a try.

We reached Pavilion around 12pm and walkd around for a while. Then, we had our lunch at the Duck King at 2pm+ and finished around 3.00pm. Then, we walked a while, then headed towards the cinema. Checked the movie and this show was the perfect show for that time, 4.15pm.

But I was already extremely sleepy because it had past my normal nap time. I was dozing off in the stroller and though mommy tried to wake me up, I couldn't stay awake. It was just 3.45pm at that moment and mommy suggested that I wear my sweater first, the carry me up and let me sleep inside the cinema.

It was quiet at first and I slept very well. About half an hour later, I started to hear some loud sound, though mommy tried to cover my ear with handkerchief. I then opened my eyes a bit, it was a bit dark, then I tried to close my eyes again. Then I heard some loud noise again, I opened my eyes,.until kor kor's hand accidently hit my head and I opened my eyes widely and I started to get frighten.

The show was about to start by then. Mommy tried to comfort me by telling me it was a big tv but I was frighten by the loud sound and dark environment. Mommy then brought me outside a while and I settled down. She brought me back again when the show has started.

I refused to go in intially but later, I saw the chipmunks. I can recognise the chipmunks. I always watch the chipmunks singing "waka waka" song in the Ipad. I called those chipmunks "mei mei". So, I kept telling mommy "mei mei", "cute cute". Mommy then brought me to the seat.

I like the singing part and I was less afraid. But on and off, I still try to tell mommy, "scare scare" and tried o hide my face in mommy's shoulder or chest. Mommy has to keep assure me that it is ok and cute cute.

Slowly I started to enjoy the movie. Mommy also started to relax a bit. I know she was quite worried and stressed at first. I then finished the whole movie without making much fuss..

There was this part of the movie that I was very scared - the eruption of the volcano. I was so scared and I kept turning to mommy and told her I was scared. Mommy hug me tightly, and she can feel my shiver/rapid breathing or me feeling want to cry. Luckily it was over fast, then I was back to normal.

Overall, it was a good experience for me and mommy was very proud of me. She never expect I would enjoy the movie so much, maybe it is something that I am familiar with. I also think I behaved very well. Kor kor also enjoyed the movie very much.

Daddy said, next time will bring us watch "Madasgascar" since I like animals.

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My kids enjoying every single cinema time!~~~~~~