Saturday, January 21, 2012

Learning journey - Jan 2012 Chinese New Year Theme

A quick update on my learning journey in January 2012. We did not do a particular theme but instead we are influence by the festive air and decided to do a CNY theme instead.

Let's see what activity I have for the CNY theme.

We are supposed to cover Body Part in this month. Hence, we are learning that too. Together with my other flash card but no picture card this month :(.

Let's see what I enjoyed and what's not..

Sound shaker. I kind of like shaking it. Shaking up and shaking down. Mommy tried to shake one of the shaker under a blanket and get me to guess which one she shaked but I didn't understand the game at all and not responding to her game.

Hanging ornaments. I am supposed to hang the ornaments on the tree provided but I didn't want to do that. I was admiring and looking at the ornaments one by one and decided to wear it on my wrist instead.

Later I decided it was more fun pouring the fish ornament from bowl to bowl.

Inserting coins. Yes, I like it and I inserted all the coins inside the coin box.

Then later I poured it all out and decided it was more fun putting the coins in the bowl and pouring it over and over again. Mommy tried teaching me sorting the different sizes of coins and I was just managed to sort the biggest size. I didn't want to do that for other 2 sizes.

Sensory box. I took out the flower and said "flower". I was looking at the flowers and the cards placed inside the sensory box. I like it so so only. But I like the flower though.

Later, I matched the actual flower to the flower I found in one of the ang pow packets inside the sensory box. I told mommy, "same..same."

And do I look pretty with the flowers on my head?

I then went over to the world map and said "ding dong" and point at Russia. We have no country and world language learning this month.

I played with the bunny puppet and tried to put the flowers on bunny's ears too.

I then read the book about parts of the body and I know quite a lot about it. I can point to the parts like

- eye, ear ,mounth, nose, head, hand, hair, eyebrow, cheek, lips, teeth, tongue, fingers, fingernails, leg, toes, knee, buttock, button (belly button).

I get confused with
-chin to cheek

I also studied my alphabet "B" to ball and the sound of "B".

Finally, mommy helped to decorate the tree and we brought it down and we pasted kor kor's handmade CNY card from school on the wall...and hence, this is our CNY corner. We love it very much. Nice?

Wishing everyone "Gong Xi Fat Chai"!!

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