Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Another episode of 'bites/allergy' again!

This time it attacks my face, around my left eye. It started 2 days ago when 2 big swell like 'fong mok' things appeared on my left side of my left eye. Mommy then applied cream for me and it slowly subsided a bit but then it looks like a mosquito bites later. This morning, there is another attack on my nose bridge near my left eye. It spread from the top of the nose bridge to the middle down. So, the shape is a bit longish.

Mommy started to get worried. She then brought me to see peaditrician again but this time the doc said it is different from the previous time. This time didnt look like a bite. There is no bite mark, not in a round shape and it is not very hard. But i didnt try any new food. So what could have caused the allergy? Doc also has no idea. Mommy asked for reference to see a skin specialist. There was one at tmy thigh has got an infection and has a pus. So, the doc use a needle to poke and squeeze out the pus for me.

Mommy is very heartache seeing me like this. Everyone has no clue what causes all my skin problem. This is like 5 or 6 times of skin problem i have since beggining of the year.

Now, my left eye is slightly swollen due to the large patch of swell. I feel very uncomfortable and keep rubbing my eyes. I even take out my spectacles.

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