Tuesday, April 10, 2012

What bite me?

Another episodes again..this time the bite appeared differently. Big patch, red, swollen with hard lump. 4 on my right leg, 3 on my left leg and 1 at the back slightly below the waist line.

We didn't go anyway the day before..no park, can't recall I played at the porch before or not but usually mommy discovered it in the morning after I woke up from my sleep. It is extremely ITCHY.

I scratched and scratched till it bleeds...despite mommy putting all kind of cream for me. It is still itchy.

Daddy and mommy sent me see skin specialist last Saturday. Doctor said it must be something in the house bite me. Could be fleas, mites. First thing asked to do is to buy a mites protector for my mattress. Also, keep me at least 300 - 500 meter away from my neighbour dog.

The next day, we went out immediately to buy a new set of mattress - one 2 inches foam mattress and one 1 inche latex mattress for my bed (aka playpen). It costs daddy around RM230++. They also bought a safety gate for the stairs. Now, I cannot climb the stairs on my own anymore...:(

Back to the doctor, the doctor prescribed me 2 cream to apply (1 day and 1 night), antibiotic (claimed that the wound have infections due to my scratches) and 1 oral medication for itchiness.

Daddy didn't feel comfortable for me to consume the oral medication, including the antibiotic. They feel there is no need for that since I have no fever. So mommy only the cream for me.

The pictures below taken only yesterday. So it didn't look too bad coz it is drying up. It looked worse in real life. My old scars not yet recover and now the new one is up. Everyone asked what happened to my legs after they see all the scars marks. Mommy felt so heartache and wonder when all the marks will go away.

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