Thursday, April 12, 2012

Oh attack my face..

What is "IT" actually???

Yesterday morning, daddy discovered that my sideburn area has a few red patches and it is leading to the back of my neck. Looked exactly the same bites like my legs. There are around 4-5 bites on my right side and 3 on my left.

What is actually biting me??? We have changed a new mattress. Daddy and mommy totally have no clue at all. Mommy applied the cream for me. Towards the evening, the area get swollen and it is getting more itchy. Mommy started to worry and suggested that to send me to see my normal peaditrician the next day.

This morning, daddy sent us to the clinic. Doctor has no clue what bites me too. But this time she told me it is a bite instead of allergy caused by food because there is a hard lump in the center of each bite. Nothing we can do but just to apply cream. Sigh!!!

Mommy is worried because she is afraid I will scratch and leave marks on my face. She is monitoring me very closely and has been applying cream for me. She hope it gets subsides soon...

Now, I am wearing long pants at home day and night (to protect my limps) and also wear a mossiz patch all the time. Mommy wanted to prevent me from going to the porch and play but it is hard coz I get bored at home. She also feels that she can't keep me indoor all the time.

This 2nd attack came 1 week after the last (first) attack on my legs. Once it attack, it gives me at least 5-6 bites. How to protect me?

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