Thursday, April 5, 2012

My first "cane" (rottan) experience.

2 years 3 weeks and 2 days old..

I was climbing up and down the small sofa seat. I am getting more adventurous and climb from the back (higher) to FALL to front (lower). I even somersault from the hight back to the lower front. I love the "thrill" feeling from the climbing and fall down. I also try different ways of falling..side way, head down...

Mommy has been nagging me to stop. Then proceed to scolding. Later, she used her hands to hit my thigh...but well, I think it is very funny and I kept doing the same thing.

Suddenly, mommy took out a cane...she hit on my thigh twice...I was shocked and felt the pain too. I started crying and what is this thing??? I tried to climb again but mommy told me she will hit me if I do it I stopped..

But after a while, I find it fun to squeeze on korkor, sit very close to him. Sit on him and try to lie on him..leaving korkor screaming at me and shouting to mommy for help. When mommy try to get me away from korkor, I suddenly pull korkor's hair and spectacles...korkor screamed louder...

Again, mommy took out the cane and hit on my palm....wauhhwauhhh...I cried again...Again, this long long stick...I don't want...I asked mommy to put back..put back..I knew this is from the learning room..mommy said if I behaved, she will then put back.

I cried somemore and insisted mommy to put back. Later, mommy explaiend to me, then she walked to the learning room and put it back. I clapped my hand and said "yayyyy" with a smile. Mommy shoke her head..

Mommy said she never use cane on korkor before at this age but she has to use it on me to discipline me wor. My first cane experience.

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