Friday, April 13, 2012

Paint is nice to play but water is even better..

Today mommy allowed us to play with paint in the evening at the car porch. I was excited and so concentrate in mixing all the colours together. I also dipped my brush in the water and played with the water. At the end, I have created a big MESS for mommy to clean up.

I also dirtied my long pants with all the paint colours. Mommy said she couldn't wash it off. Here gone my long pants.

After playing for about 30mins, I heard water sound coming from the big tub behind me and I shifted my attention to the water. I then played with the water hose and water there. was so nice to play and I wanted to spray the water everywhere. I even slipped a few times on the wet floor but very fast, I get up and kept going. No pain la...I could balance quite well till I didn't fall flat...I just "slipped" only. However, I gave mommy a few heart attack. She then ordered kor kor to pass me a stool and she "instructed" me to sit still but do you think I will listen? Water is so nice to play and I like the thrill feeling of walking and running on a slippery wet floor. Then, she asked kor kor to pass me the "croc shoes", hoping it will not be too slippery for me. I was walking bare footed earlier.

Anyway, later, I focus the water play at the big tub and the water hose while mommy and kor kor washing the porch. I was all soaking wet after mommy finished everything. She then brought me up for shower.

What a good experience..I never play water like this before... Hope mommy will let me play water like this everyday.

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