Saturday, April 7, 2012

Short hair

This is a backdated post.

After my birthday, after everyone left the next week, mommy decided to cut my hair short (19/3/2012). She has been wanting to do it because

1. I have very little hair. Trimming it short will make it look more volumn. People also said that after cutting, the hair will grow more.

2. I sweat a lot. Hence, very hot for me if I have long hair.

3. Because of sweat, I get very itchy at my back where the hair line touches my back. I scratched and hence left a lot of finger scratch mark at that area.

4. Due to the hot weather, kakak or mommy used to tie my hair up, so that I am not too hot. Tying my hair caused some hair loss when untie them. Also, I tends to pull the rubber band away from my hair too. Mommy also feels that tying hair is no good for me at this age as it pulls my hair.

Though everyone think I looked prettier in long hair, mommy decided to cut it short for me after getting the green light from daddy. It is easier to maintain a short hair than a long hair.

So, mommy let me played water and she snipped and am I now with a short hair...Look at the before and after photos....cannot say not nice ok???



I feel fresher and neater and not so hot now...

Mommy and daddy think that I look so different now.

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