Thursday, July 26, 2012

Child play: The hero saves a beauty

Not all day we do school. We also play a lot. By right, we should have school and play time everyday. However, mommy couldn't spare out so much time for me. But she will defintely spend time playing with me everyday. A focus one to one play time.

I love playing with mommy. She is not just entertaining me but really focus in playing with me. She taught me a lot of things during our play time. Mommy knows that it is important to play with me because this is when mommy can teach me certain things through play.

There are many thing we can play or do together. Look at this..

Actually this set of game belongs to kor kor. This is a mind game. But I took it out and I play it like playing blocks. One thing I like about this is there are staircase and blocks did not have a staircase.

I was taught King and Queen. I knew them by heart now. I walk the King and the Queen up and down the stairs. I learn how to build something with a stairs. We did pretend play.

So, what have you played today?

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