Sunday, July 29, 2012

Child play: Role Play - Doctor

Role play is more than's a key component of learning. According to child development experts, role play helps children acquire all kinds of skills and knowledge, encouraging them to:

•Explore imagination

•Think in the abstract

•Acquire language skills

•Build social skills

•Problem solve

•Understand someone else's perspective

•Learn essential life skills from adults

•Discover leadership skills

•Safely explore the world beyond

•Acquire confidence and a sense of self

If that isn't amazing enough, consider this: because role play engages emotion, cognition, language, and sensory motor skills, scientists theorize it actually creates synaptic connections between parts of the brain. And the more synapses, the greater a child's intelligence!

Both kor kor and myself loves role play. Kor kor loves to be a teacher and I love to be anything...

Lately, thanks to the Enfagrow complimentary "Smart Role-Play Set" that comes with the milk that we purchased, I can be a doctor. (I know there are more sets that mommy was hiding before taking all out for me to play.)

Let's check all my pets whether they are healthy..

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