Thursday, July 12, 2012

Tot school: 3/7/2012

Mommy didn't purposely prepare today's montessori tray. This week is Letter "I" week, so I am doing something that relates to Ice...

So, mommy allowed me to scope "ice". 
spooning ice
I like ice..Initially I couldn't spoon the ice up but after a few attempts, I was able to spoon the ice over to the other bowl. When the ice melts, I started to pour the water from bowl to bowl.

Feeling the temperature of the water
(hot but not boiling hot, room temperature and cold water)

I find this activity interesting. I like to feel the different temperature of the water and can differenciate hot and cold but not so much of warm. I thought the warm is actually cold since it is not hot. I enjoy this activity very much.
Space memory
Photo memory
Matching game
I know most of the words but I did some mismatch because the crayon looked like pencil and pencil looked like pen.
I like the pebbles. So, mommy brought out the pebbles for me again for maths calculation. But this time instead giving me the numeral cards, we use dots to do counting instead. I am supposed to place the pebbles on top of the dots to do counting. But again, I like the pebbles so much till I don't want to let go of the pebbles from my hand.
3D book. Story of the day: Sarge in charge.
I like the ants head and wanted to pull it out but mommy didn't allow. So, I sayang the ants instead.

After the lesson, it is time to play.

Mommy bought me this 2 milk/orange milk bottle for me to play. I like it so much and have been playing with it to feed my doll and baby.
Tot tray 1
Tot tray 2
I like playing with puzzles. Also, I need more pratise on the stacking ring.

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