Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Tot school: 2 years 3 months old

As mentioned in my previous post, mommy is taking her online montessori course since April. So, we are into montessori learning. For the past 2 months, we have been adjusting ourselves to the life without a maid and mommy has been finding every single opportunity to teach me and let me learn from home.

Only from June onwards, things have been fallen into places and after getting lots of inspiration from other mommy's blogs, we have finally find our comfort zone and doing schooling at home OUR WAY. From now on, mommy will try to feature our learning journey in the blog. We will fine tune our learning path along the way and hope things will get better in the day to come.

We will try our best to capture them in pictures but not always because I get distracted by the camera a lot. So, you may see lots of pictures in some posts and not so many in other posts.

Let's feature our first tot school..

Montessori tray for the week.
Lacing, scoping pompoms, alphabets puzzles and inserting ice-cream sticks.

Lacing..Love the way they concentrate in doing their work.

This activity can be done from 2 years old to 6 years old. It is good to train hand eye co-ordination and focus skill.
 Mommy couldn't capture the photos for the remaining activities because I get too distracted from the camera. Anyway, we were enjoying the activity together very much.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Soo Li,

I am a silent reader of your blog and also a blog stalker. I have been quietly stalking your blog for the past few months. I got to know your blog from other blog rolls that I was randomly browsing.

I am very interested in your tot tray/home learning methods. Hope to see more of it here, so that I can choose and pick those that I am convenient to do with my baby boy (he is 15 months old now).

I am a full time working mom, I dont intend to home school and I plan to do the usual, send him to nursery/play school when he turns 3 or 4. Just that now at home, instead of watching TV and become Barney addict or addicted to the tablet, I want to do some educational stuff with him during our "bonding time". So, educational+fun things are the best stuff to do with him.

I am cracking my head of what to do with him for at least 1 hour every night during our bonding time.

Ooh, we send him to the nanny in the morning when we go to work. During that time, I have no control and no say of what he does there. He might be watching tv whole day, or doing nonsense there. When we pick him up at 6.30pm, I need to cook, wash dishes, bathe, etc (usual routine stuff) and he will be watching tv while I am doing all those.. Once everything is done, that is the time I need to "instill" educational stuff into him, like reading, talking, playing with educational toys (stacks cups, play with the alphabet abacus, sort shapes, alphabets puzzles, learn numbers, etc)..

Sorry for my long winded-ness.. Anyway, to cut a long story short, I really hope to get more ideas (simple ones to start with) from your blog, and apply it into my boy (those that I can do, I will do. Those that I have no time to prepare, maybe later lor).. You learn from your online course, I curi your ideas a bit here and there lah, haha..