Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Tot school: 28/6/2012 (Thurs)

Today, mommy prepared 6 montessori trays.  I think it is too many as I get too tired and lost my intesrest towards the end. Mommy will cut it down to 2-4 trays the next time.

6 trays for me to choose from

I choose sorting cutlery first.
Sorting is not a problem for me. I know all the colours well. Just that I can be quite cheeky and purposely put in the wrong place. I like to play with the knife though and need constant reminder from mommy to put back on the plate.
Secondly, I choose pouring. Pouring millets.
At first I spilled some on the tray and mommy taught me how to hold the cup properly and pour slowly. After a few round of practise, I get the hang of it and can pour nicely without spill. I wanted to play with the "rice" (I called it rice but mommy told me it is millet) but mommy didn't allow. I had enough since I am not allowed to play with the rice.
Maths. Numeral card and use pebbles as counter.
I like the texture of the pebbles. It is so cold and smooth. Mommy took this opportunity for me to explore the pebbles. I like to hold the pebbles in my hand. Mommy taught me how to count and place the correct number of pebbles but I still didn't get the idea. Need to practise more.
Whole hand: sponging
I like this tray because there are water. I like any activities that involves water. I still don't know how to let the sponge absorbs the water but I learnt how to squeeze the water out from the sponge. I will try to squeeze it even when I am supposed to let go and let the sponge absorb water. Need more practise again.
Inserting toothpick.
(make sure remove the sharp tip from both ends before handling to your children)
Difficulty level: Medium.
Because the hole is small, I need to focus very well in order to place the toothpick into the hole.
Colour tablets.
Not interested.
Memory game (following shichida method).
Sometimes get it right, sometimes not.  
Dancing with a scarf.
Yes, besides montessori learning, we also incorporate shichida into our lesson. We also do reading, dancing, jumping or running (gross motor skills).


Anonymous said...

Hi Soo Li,

I am a silent reader of your blog and also a blog stalker. I have been quietly stalking your blog for the past few months. I got to know your blog from other blog rolls that I was randomly browsing.

I am very interested in your tot tray/home learning methods. Hope to see more of it here, so that I can choose and pick those that I am convenient to do with my baby boy (he is 15 months old now).

I am a full time working mom, I dont intend to home school and I plan to do the usual, send him to nursery/play school when he turns 3 or 4. Just that now at home, instead of watching TV and become Barney addict or addicted to the tablet, I want to do some educational stuff with him during our "bonding time". So, educational+fun things are the best stuff to do with him.

I am cracking my head of what to do with him for at least 1 hour every night during our bonding time.

Ooh, we send him to the nanny in the morning when we go to work. During that time, I have no control and no say of what he does there. He might be watching tv whole day, or doing nonsense there. When we pick him up at 6.30pm, I need to cook, wash dishes, bathe, etc (usual routine stuff) and he will be watching tv while I am doing all those.. Once everything is done, that is the time I need to "instill" educational stuff into him, like reading, talking, playing with educational toys (stacks cups, play with the alphabet abacus, sort shapes, alphabets puzzles, learn numbers, etc)..

Sorry for my long winded-ness.. Anyway, to cut a long story short, I really hope to get more ideas (simple ones to start with) from your blog, and apply it into my boy (those that I can do, I will do. Those that I have no time to prepare, maybe later lor).. You learn from your online course, I curi your ideas a bit here and there lah, haha..

Baby Darren said...


Thanks for your kind comment. I am glad that someone could benefit from my blog.

Btw, how do you know my name?

In fact, there are many montessori activities that can be easily done at home. THe only concern is how much time do we have to prepare the materials and spent with our tots.

You are doing a good job, especially you are a FTWM. It is definitely not easy to handle so many things at one time.

Even spending time playing with them is good enough. There are many opportunities to teach them when we play with our child.

Anonymous said...

Hi Soo Li,

Ooh, I know your name from some of the comments which I read from your blogs. Your readers who knew you addressed your name in some of the comment boxes. Maybe not in Isabel's blog. Maybe it's from your "Darren Mommy's" blog. By the way, I got to know your "Darren Mommy's" blog first from the random blogrolls I stalk. Then from there, I saw Isabel's and Darren's blog lor.

I did not follow so much of Darren's blog, coz there's too much, haha. From birth til now, 5 years old, yes? But Isabel's blog was easy to follow since day1, since she's just 2 years old.

Will continue to stalk your blog, and pickup what I can do.

P/S: Sorry I posted twice the same thing on this blog and the previous one coz I thought it didn't appear. I thought it will appear immediately. But guess it takes 1 or 2 days.

LittleLamb said...

U hv done a good job. I think u can continue this home-teaching.