Monday, July 9, 2012

DIY colour tablet box 2 & 3

Yes..we are into montessori learning since April, after mommy joined an online montessori course from Karen Tyler.

Montessori learning require some materials that we have to buy or DIY ourselves if possible because montessori materials are expensive in Malaysia.

One of the materials that mommy has made lately is the colour tablet box 2 and 3. She went to a hardware shop nearby to get their paint chart. She did her first set of colour tablet box 3. Unfortunately the paint chart did not come in too many shades of colours. Mommy was not happy with the end results.

2 weeks ago while we were shopping in Ace hardware, mommy took another set of paint chart from another paint company. This set looks better and has more gradian.

So, she redo the colour tablet box 3 and also a box 2 because she realised that I need the training starting from box 2 before proceeding to box 3.

Colour tablet box 2
Colour tablet box 3

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