Thursday, July 19, 2012

Tot school: 5/7/2012 (Thurs)

From now on, mommy will only prepare 2 to 3 trays max for me each time we do school. She discovered from the few previous sessions that I will lose my interest if she presented too many trays for me. Also, I will be too tired to continue with the memory game and other activities such as reading and colouring after that. So, she is going to split all these activities in a week, so that we cut down "school" time and increase our "play" time. Once we finalised or get comfortable with our schooling schedule, we will post it out to share with everyone.

As for today, we sort of continue from our previous exercise - to feel the different temperature of the water. The last session we used hands to feel the 3 different temperature of the water - cold, warm and hot. Today, mommy let me drink the water and feel it with mouth.

3 cups of plain water with 3 temperature - cold, warm and slight hot
I am so happy that I get to taste the water. I love the warm water and I dislike the cold water.
Mommy tested me by switching the cup and asked me to taste and told her which is warm, cold or hot. I get it right..hooray...
We finished all the water in the cups at the end of this session. I even cheers with mommy and get mommy to finish the cold water because I dislike cold water.

Next, I was presented with the letter I since we are still in the week of I. I was allowed to colour and trace it with crayons.

Later, mommy wrote kor kor and my name on the paper and asked me to choose which one is Isabel. Well, of course I cannot recognise it as the beginning but after a few rounds, I was able to recognise it.

We also did some other activities like shichida memory activities but we didn't capture the pictures here. We ended the school by having some dancing session and reading.

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