Sunday, July 22, 2012

Tot school: 9/7/2012 (Monday)

Monday is always a slack day for us. After a long weekend, mommy has lots to do on housework and meal preparation for the week, so sometimes we skipped school on Monday or we just had play time instead.

As for today, mommy took out stacking cup for me. We learnt this activity from Tweedle Wink.  I am supposed to lift up the stacking cup one by one alternating with 2 hands to both directions. This helps to stimulate the right and left brains together. I tell you it is not easy, ok? Using 1 hand is easy but not both. Mommy always need to remind me to alternate with my another hand.

However, we had a good time playing with the stacking cup. I stacked it up high and push it down. Though there are just cups but I spent a good 30 mins playing it.

Next, I took out my puzzles again. As long I see the puzzles around, I will take it out and play. This set of puzzles from Popular is very suitable for my age.

Then, we proceeded to the living hall for more play time. We built blocks. I like stacking the blocks high up, then tried to "blow" it down. If I cannot blow it down, I will just use hands to knock it down..I am destructive, ain't I? hahaha...

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