Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tot School: 11/7/2012 (Wednesday)

I am not feeling too well today. I am supposed to attend my music class but due to my cough and running nose, mommy decided not to let me go. So, we do school instead.

We started the school with some eye exercise....

Next, is one of my favourite activities..pouring water. Anything relating to water, I will sure love it. I always tell me I want to do pouring. So, mommy filled up the water and gave me 4 cups to fill it up.

Pouring activity
The first time I couldn't control the water and fill it till overflow. After a few round of practise, I was good at it. I know I have to pour slowly and bit by bit.
Next, sweeping activity from PLS. I was given a small broom and dustpan. Initially mommy poured some millets in the tray and let me sweep but I was creating more mess by dropping all the fine millets everywhere. So, she switched to pasta instead. It is not so easy to spill on the floor.

However, I still couldn't handle this activity well. My co-ordination skill failed. I swept till some pasta out from the tray. When I was trying to be cheeking and purposely swept the pasta out from the tray, mommy decided that I should stop this activity.

So, she instructed me to keep those pasta. This is another good exercise. Pick up the pasta with my fingers and put it in a tin container. Then close the container with a plastic cover. I was helpful.

Then, we had a scavenger hunt. We were looking for something RED. So, I picked up my red scarf and put over my head, so I see everything RED. I told mommy "Mommy red colour" too. Anyway, I picked up a red cyclinder.

When mommy wanted to take my picture, I immediately put the scarf on my shoulder and wanted to wear it.

We ended the school by having a snack..bread with cheese and I eat it with a fork all by myself. Good PLS practise.

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